What others have to say about the Sydney Colon Health Clinic


Thank you

Thank you so much for your expertise and understanding, the service you provide and care you take. I feel so much better than I did a few months ago.
For much of my life I have tried to manage my gut issues (including constipation, bloating and severe cramps) and other health issues (including fatigue, weight gain, trouble sleeping, feeling unwell, UTIs and sugar cravings). It has been frustrating trying to work out why I felt unwell and what wasn’t right.
I was so relieved when I read about your clinic and started treatments.  You and your Team have a knowledge and professionalism that is reassuring.  The occassional slight discomfort of the treatments is nothing compared to the extreme discomfort of the conditions.
Even in a few weeks I am feeling much better, have lost weight, am sleeping better, feel more like exercising and people are noticing.
Again a huge thank you – the difference is amazing.

JH, Sydney NSW


Changed my life

Back in 2009 was when I first came to the clinic after seeing Dr after Dr including naturopaths, having acupuncture, taking medication and trying different diets. I’d been to hospital twice and had spent many unhappy uncomfortable years in pain or embarrassed due to stomach and bowel issues. All the tests showed nothing conclusive, and I was told I had Irritable Bowel and Leaky Gut. I had almost given up and surrendered to the fact that this was something I was just going to have to live with, when I came to the clinic. Nine years and two pregnancies later I am still coming once a month or more if I need to. I can now eat whatever I want with no pain or after affects and I feel having the colonics whilst pregnant helped me immensely. From time to time I can still get an upset tummy but NEVER to the extent that I use too. The clinic is so professional and not once have I ever felt uncomfortable (maybe the first time but I can’t even remember that now). It has changed my life!

Amanda, NSW


Feeling Better

I came to the clinic at the beginning of 2016 after a hospital stay due to diverticulitis.  After only a few treatments I noticed a significant improvement in my health.  As explained to me by both Doris and Bianca, cleaning out the diverticular pouches and following the correct diet will reduce my chances of recurrent attacks. I found the staff at the clinic to be both professional and caring.  They gave me a lot of information which helped me to better understand how to manage my condition.

Jeff, Sydney NSW


Terrific Service

I cannot recommend Doris and Bianca at the Sydney Colon Health Clinic enough.  The quality of service and attention they provide is outstanding.  They are so professional, highly knowledgeable, caring and make sure you are OK throughout the process.  They provide safe and sanitary treatments, give good advice and are always available for questions.  I have IBS and the treatments have helped me enormously, also supported by the supplements and tonic that is taken in conjunction with the treatments.  Doris is fantastic and always makes you feel comfortable. The clinic is really well set up, close to the station which is a bonus, and they run a terrific service. If you are going to have these treatments, make sure you go here.

Aimee, Sydney NSW


Well above standard

I can’t speak highly enough of the benefits experienced since starting colonic treatments at the Sydney Colon Health clinic. I have always had a lazy bowel and always felt sluggish and bloated, however since getting regular treatments, my energy has increased, skin has improved and my bowel is definitely operating more efficiently.  The highly qualified team have also educated me on the types of food that impact my bowel and how I can make better decisions with what I eat.  I know there are other clinics that offer colonic treatments but I would never go anywhere but the Sydney Colon Health Clinic. The team of registered nurses and the hygiene practices and equipment used are well above standard which is critical for me, particularly as I continued to have treatments during both of my pregnancies.  Treatment during pregnancy was beneficial in reducing my constipation, heartburn and morning sickness. I would not recommend anywhere else. The relaxing music, smell of incense and the warm cuppa after the treatment also make it an enjoyable experience. Thanks so much ladies.

Nikki, NSW


So Gentle

The staff were so friendly and patient with me.  I was very nervous to start the process of colonic irrigation and by the time I had my initial consultation, it felt so natural and normal. Thank you for being so gentle. I was so happy with the way I was treated that I have brought my father along with me.

Ted, Northbridge, NSW


Thank you

Bianca was so amazing and so insightful, I am astounded by the information she gave me and I realised I could not leave my colon health in the state it was in.  Thank you for changing my life.

Sharon, Sydney NSW


Long Term Client

I am a twenty year veteran of The Sydney Colon Health Clinic.  I have found Bianca and her staff offer a service that is superior to other clinics.  I consider colonic lavage treatment to be a foundation for maintaining my health and longevity.  I would highly recommend it to those people whose digestive system is ailing.

David, Sydney  NSW


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